No Pain. No Anesthetic.

Q&A for patients asking about Solea

Q: I heard about anesthesia-free, no needle procedures (Solea), can you tell me a little more about it?

A: Solea is a dental laser that we use to replace the drill for cavities and the scalpel for gum surgery.
A: With Solea we don’t have to give you a novocaine shot for the majority of procedures. The appointment is faster because we don’t have to wait for you to get numb.
A:Since we don't administer novocaine for the majority of procedures, you won't leave with a numb lip after the procedure, so you can eat and drink right after your appointment. 
A: We can also do multiple procedures in one appointment because when we don’t have to use novocaine, we can work in different areas of your mouth.

Q: Is there a website I can visit to learn more about Solea?

A: Yes, if you’d like to learn even more go to and I can schedule an appointment for you now.

Q: What types of procedures can be done with Solea?

A: The majority of procedures can be done with Solea - from cavities to oral surgery, with the exception of root canals and endo. 

Q: I need gum surgery, can you use Solea on me? Or, I need cavities filled, can you use Solea on me?

A: You’ll need to come in for a consultation before I can answer that question, but for the majority of gum surgeries, with Solea you’d experience virtually no bleeding, since the laser cauterizes as it cuts, there are no stitches, less post-operative pain, and for most cases you won’t need a shot.
For the majority of cavities the procedure will be anesthesia-free, needle-free, drill-free and virtually pain-free.

Q: Is Solea really pain-free?

A: For the majority of procedures Solea is pain-free, some patients tell us that they feel cold air, but no pain.

Q: Is Solea covered by insurance?

A: Yes, it is. Solea procedures are covered the same way traditional procedures would be covered. Solea

is a new technology we're using that’s replacing the drill, so billing codes are the same.

Q: Is Solea good for kids?

A: It’s great for kids. It’s faster, for most procedures they don’t need a shot and we don’t have to use the drill for cavities or scalpel for gum surgery.
They won't have a numb lip, so they can eat and drink right after their appointment.

Q: I’m pregnant. Is it ok to use Solea on me?

A: Yes, it’s actually better for you since we don’t have to inject with you anesthetic for the majority of procedures.

Q: Is Solea safe? Do I have to worry about radiation?

A: Yes, it’s safe. Solea is a medical device that has been cleared by the FDA to cut enamel, gums and bone. All you need to do is wear protective eyewear that we'll provide during your appointment.

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